Current Series

Join us on Sundays at 10:15am as we walk verse-by-verse through the book of First John. God inspires John to pen this book to help us know that we possess authentic salvation. We'll learn three essential ways to test the genuineness of the salvation we profess to possess. If you're not yet a Christian, but you're interested in discovering what Christianity is all about, this is a great series for you to be a part of as well! You can catch messages you've missed by visiting our resources page

  • launch

    Whether you're just looking for more information about Grace or you're ready to go all in, LAUNCH is for you! LAUNCH is a three-week small group that starts the first Sunday of every month. Each meeting includes a delicious lunch and you will receive vital information to help you take the next step in your spiritual journey! To find out more or to register, click here.

  • Vacation bible school

    Vacation Bible School is July 22-26, from 6:15-8:15pm. We want you to come journey with us into the wild! All children entering preschool-6th grade are invited to be a part of this exciting week. Each evening will consist of exciting songs, games, lessons, and so much more. To register for VBS click here.

  • RIGHTnow media

    Rightnow Media is the leader in digital Christian content! On Rightnow Media you'll find helpful devotional videos, great kids' programs, leadership development resources, studies on marriage and parenting, and so much more from many of today's top Christian teachers.  Here's the best part; we want to share this with you as our gift to say "thanks" for visiting our site. To sign up for your subscription, just click here!